Father's Day Rally Committee

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. https://www.facebook.com/fathersdayrallycommittee/

The Father's Day Rally Committee gives the following descriptive information:

The Mission of the Father's Day Rally Committee, Inc. (FDRC) is to promote positive action and interaction among individuals to prompt more aggressive hands on action toward resolving a range of problems confronting African Americans communities in Philadelphia and the Delaware Valley.

Why: For decades African American males have led in every category of negative statistics, both locally and nationally. While conditions of other groups, including women and recent immigrants, have improved during the last quarter century.

When: The Father’s Day Rally Committee held its first citywide rallies in 1989, successfully recruiting more than 500 men to volunteer in activities within their neighborhoods. Since this date the FDRC and it activities has grown to cover a myriad of issues.

How: Since 1989 the FDRC has been committed to reducing violence in the minority communities affected by a myriad of social ills. Men working together at the grassroots level can launch a meaningful attack on the negative attitude which contributes to the destruction of families and neighborhoods.

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