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Artifacts at Karmaya's BrickHouse Museum.

Karmaya's BrickHouse Museum, also known as "Karmaya's Karma Dolls and Other Unique Novelties", gives the following descriptive information:

Karma Dolls were created in 1973 by Karmaya Lewis, for her daughter Chereen, to illustrate the empowerment and strength of women. Each doll has their own story to tell. Get to know them, hear their story!

Mostly my spirit leads me to be as creative as I can be. Every wakened second there is something being presented to my imagination I think of the apophthegm "God doesn't give anything we can't handle" wondering if it truly applies to me. Importantly, I am a woman who studies history and use it in most of my artistic muses it is imperative that families are resurrected for the preservation of the human race. My path leads me to situations that need to be expressed in a manner that makes us react urgently sometimes the images are gentle other times they can be filled with despair "No Love Lacking" is the main objective it is that which will make it all better, the healing balm of most maladies.

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