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In December 2023, we checked this page for a possible need of updating, and we found that the main URL was dead and the alternates hadn't been updated in a few years or longer. Unless someone tells us otherwise, we assume that the following information is now history:

Happiness Consultant (now taking the year 2019 off)

Amy Childs is a self-taught, free-lance “happiness consultant” who works with clients to create lives that are more fulfilling, relaxing and expansive. Her motto is “personal liberation, world change, more fun,” and she draws on psychology, personal philosophy and decades of experimentation and observation to advise those who seek her guidance.


Amy has produced over 200 episodes of her podcast Whatever Whatever Amen – an inside-out view of being human. In it she addresses the topics of happiness, consciousness, relationships and parenting. She has a wide variety of guests and her interviews often focus on child-centered parenting, life after religion, non-monogamous relationships and alternative lifestyles.

Additionally, she has produced over 50 episodes of "The Unschooling Life," addressing topics of interest to those interested in self-directed learning, homeschooling, peaceful parenting and alternatives to traditional education. <>


Although none of the three grown Childs children were forced to go to school (i.e. they “unschooled”), and none of them graduated from high school, they all eventually earned college and graduate degrees. Amy counsels parents and families who are seeking an alternative to traditional education. <>

The Maitrix

Amy and her son, Jonathan, have created a loosely-defined organization called "The Maitrix” – based on the word “maitri” which is Sanskrit for lovingkindness. The center of this virtual world-wide community is based in Philadelphia. <>


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