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  • This idea page is about the wide range of concepts of concern to people who do, can, and might share housing resources.
  • It will contain materials which may be useful in building a Shared Housing Network in Philadelphia and elsewhere.

From My Post in the Facebook group "Helpful Philadelphia"

One area where people could come together to be more helpful is in housing. Where someone lives and where our relatives and friends live is about as important as health, nutrition and safety. There are dozens, or perhaps hundreds of groups (to say nothing of the Government) where there is a focus on housing as an important issue. So, what if we propose to create a Web based tool that can facilitate collaboration among social services, government agencies, neighborhood organizations and private people who wish to help families find housing resources among private and public sources. Older people with an "empty nest" might find it helpful if a local service organization could help them find an appropriate housemate. Senior centers might be able to benefit their tenants by collaborating with colleges to place students in their facilities. A network of charitable services for making "Shared Housing" a possibility could make a difference in many lives. Stan (talk) 18:45, 23 April 2017 (EDT)

A Local Example

Downloadable Documents

Match-up Home Sharing Program

  • Match-up Home Sharing Program PDF from Livable New York
    • This is no longer available from its original source. It is being hosted by Wikidelphia. It is an exposition on home sharing "Match-up" programs as they are and how they have been operated. Published as document III.1.g of the Livable New York Resource Manual, this document offers pointers for every phase of starting and running a match-making home sharing program. The Livable New York Resource Manual also appears not to be availabe from the origianal source.

A Vermonter’s Guide to Homesharing

This is a guide for homeowners who are interested in sharing their home. It includes sample interview questions, sample reference check questions, and a sample homesharing agreement

Strategies For Scaling Shared Housing

A 44 page guide book from Affordable Living for the Aging (ALA), practitioners and experts in the fields of shared housing, aging in place, and affordable housing.

An Association Serving Shared Housing Organizations Nationwide

A Nation-Wide Online Matchmaking Service

Mid-Atlantic & New England Home Sharing Programs

Home Sharing In the News

Other Resources

See Also

(Note the LACK of references to Philly charities or government except for the Home of the Sparrow)
This is a wonderful exposition of rationalizations for Shared Housing!