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What is Philly Earth? Glad you asked! Philly Earth is an Education and Demonstration Center sponsored by The Village of Arts and Humanities. We’re here to teach you how to care for the Earth, starting with your local community.

Our goal? To provide educational programs in Permaculture, Appropriate Technologies, and Environmental Sustainability.

See, we’re maintaining a farm. We’re growing fresh, delicious produce to share with our community, and we’re training Village teens to become certified Community Sustainability Leaders.

At the heart of Philly Earth are three core ethics:

  • Care of the Earth. This means caring for all living and non-living things, be they plant, animal, soil or water.
  • Care of People. This means caring for each other, so our basic needs for food, shelter, education, employment and human contact are met.
  • Fair Share. This means contributing surplus time, money and energy to achieve the first two ethics.

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