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Praxis Research introduces itself with the line, "Clarity Through Reflection", and gives the following descriptive information:

Praxis exists to facilitate dialogue about the realities of Philadelphia and its communities, both directly as perceived by those who live in them and through intensive research and analysis. In the process, we gain a better understanding of our reality and become better able to shape it.

  • All individuals and groups have a fundamental right to autonomy and self-determination.
  • Systems of oppression are all-pervasive, and their dynamics can be reproduced by anyone, well-intentioned or not.
  • The liberation of oppressed people can only be accomplished by oppressed people themselves.
  • All forms of oppression are inextricably linked and cannot be subverted in isolation.
  • Liberation requires a fundamental shift in the way people relate to one another, the environment, and other creatures.
  • Our ability to organize for our collective liberation depends on our ability to strategize, which is itself dependent on our understanding of our context.