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aka: J. D. Johnson   

ObjectsUnlimited (at) Gmail (dot) com


Mechanical Design

  • CNC machines (Open source)
  • Flying Apparatus, specifically helicopters
  • Wind Turbines ( open source, small scale)

Built Environment

  • Alternative construction Methods, ( SIP's, Lightweight concrete and airforms.)
  • Green materials acquisition and reuse ( primarily industrial refuse)
  • Geodesic/Monolithic structures


  • Traditional Farming
  • Aquaponics
  • Urban Farming


  • Welding ( Stick and MIG )
  • Sketch Up
  • Manual Machining
  • Electronics Disassembly
  • General Fabrication
  • Rough and Finish Carpentry
  • Patent Searching


  • Born:  Salt Lake City, Utah 1976
  • Philadelphia area resident since 1998
  • Card carrying member of Patent Library in D.C.
  • Aircraft Co. Facilities Manager




  • A little recycling place in Syracuse, NY I like to frequent. The owner has invented a machine and process that revolves around a 100% efficient, and completely responsible way of recycling computers. I have toured their shop and would like to see something like this come to Philly. (STAN!)
  • Located in West Chester, PA the AHMEC is a great place to take kids as well as do serious research or explore vertical flight. ( I volunteer for this org.)


  •   A nice little microcontroller package for inventing and controlling things. Also has a huge following in the DIY and Inventors world
  •  DIY Drones using Arduino