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What We Know

No one can know everything. But with everyone's help, we can create catalogs and indexes that make it possible for us, as a planet, to grow our understanding and appreciation of the Universe and participate in its wonderfully infinite complexity.

Information Liquidity: Mickey McManus at TEDxCMU 2011

About Me

I am an Information Artist - I use random (or organized) bits of information to paint a picture of how I see human society, networks of people and the relationship of people to what they do and how they relate to the planet. What I do is akin to throwing paint at a canvas. but using a clever throwing technique.

I consider myself to be a social visionary or, if I can implement more of my visions, I might call myself a social engineer.

I assume that running a storefront "Information service" to connect people to each other on Philadelphia's South Street in 1970 - 1971 is one qualification for me to be considered a visionary.
I now describe this service as "Craigslist on 3 x 5 cards" where I introduced hundreds of local people to each other for jobs, housing & friendship.
Some people that used my service married each other, some found work or project collaborators. Many in that community were artists, crafts people or budding entrepreneurs and the service I ran, called "Everything for Everybody" empowered them in ways that no other kind of service did at that time.

Wikidelphia LIVES! Celebrate our great city and the people who live, work and have fun here!

Hi, I'm Stan Pokras… publisher of Wikidelphia and inventor of the Wikidelphia Category System.

Agreements How socitey works...

I am the "Instigator" of Community Magic.

I am the Executive Director Emeritus of

Nonprofit Technology Resources

(Formerly on Brandywine Street, Now out of business)

Internal Wikidelphia Project

I am working on a system to organize pages.

You can see the beginning of this system by looking at Wikidelphia Category System (WCS)

Community Connectors Notebook


Nonprofit Technology Resources


My bit about God's ears

A radio DJ 60 years ago used to say "Prayer doesn't change things, it changes people. And people change things."

I say, we are all part of the Universe. And the universe is God. If that's how you think of it, then your ears are God's ears. That's how prayer works. Our ears are God's ears.