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This is my experiment in creating a system for organizing entities. I am especially interested in creating a structure that will allow the city's nonprofit groups to be organized in a unique and highly searchable structure. 

The essence of my system is for each entity to have descriptive sentences made up of key phrases that a searcher might use to find the entity. The fact is that I have no idea how much work it will take to build the structure for this system. It may be ridiculously time consuming. But I think it would be very useful once in place.

The entity is a "What" (kind of entity) that "Does" (what ever services) "For" (who is to be served) "Where" (the region served) "By" (what method of service) "Using" (the service providers or special resources)

To use NTR as an example, here's a sentence and the parts:

Nonprofit Technology Resources


  • Nonprofit Organization
  • Computer Service Organization
  • Charity


  • Computer Refurbishing
  • Computer Reuse
  • Computer Recycling
  • Computer Thrift Store
  • Computer Training
  • Computer Access
  • Computer Repair
  • Used Computer Sales
  • Wikidelphia

For: (changed to "Serves:")

  • People in Philadelphia
  • Nonprofit groups
  • Volunteers
  • Interns


  • Philadelphia


  • Recycling Computers
  • Training


  • Staff
  • Volunteers
  • Computer Technicians