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Giving People Access to the Life-Changing Message of God's Word

Making the Bible available to every person in a language and format each can understand and afford, so all people may experience its life-changing message. Jesus meets people in Scripture every day. His love and grace transform their lives forever. That’s why we’re committed to sharing the Bible with everyone in the world.

People like you pray, give, and make our ministry go. And when God’s Word goes out, it never fails (Isaiah 55:11).

We Believe

  • The Bible Holds the Words of Life: American Bible Society has been getting God’s Word into people’s hands and hearts around the world for more than 200 years. Requests for Bibles are still pouring in from every corner of the globe. Millions of people are still waiting for their first Bible.
  • The Bible Heals Broken Hearts: American Bible Society pioneered Bible-based trauma healing, a ministry equipping churches to help hurting people reconnect with God through Scripture. Communities around the world live crushed by emotional shock and pain. Refugees, abandoned children, victims of domestic violence, and so many others feel separated from God.
  • The Bible Brings Hope to Our Nation: In 1816, American Bible Society was founded on a dream to share the Bible’s values of faith, liberty, unity, justice, hope, and love with every American. Americans desperately need the Bible’s foundation of truth. Christians need the teachings of Jesus. Lost people need the hope of the gospel.
  • The Bible is For Everyone: Do you believe the Bible is for everyone? It’s up to people like you—people who believe God’s Word changes lives—to do something. We can’t do anything without you. Through your prayers and gifts, you can make a difference for people in 200 countries and territories around the world. People who need to know the Bible is for everyone. People who need the hope of God’s Word. People who need Jesus.

Notes:  The above description came from the organization's We Share the Life-Changing Message of the Bible page. The ABS is a national organization whose headquarters are located at Independence Mall.


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