Atlas of Caregiving

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Maping Your Network of Support

Caregiving happens within a web of relationships of relatives, friends, professionals, and organizations.

  • People are often simultaneously caring for themselves, caring for others, and being cared for by others. What each person does varies by ability and context, and over time.

Atlas CareMap

  • An Atlas CareMap is a drawing and a process for self-reflection and action, which also provides a catalyst for conversation.
    • It is a diagram of a person’s care ecosystem, drawn by hand or computer, showing who cares for whom, and how.
    • The process of thinking about and drawing an Atlas CareMap has helped people to more clearly see and to better understand their existing care ecosystem.
    • For many, this has led to action and/or changes in perception resulting in stronger ecosystems, better care and more confidence in managing their care situation. Many have also found great value in sharing their maps with others, as they discover they have so much to gain, emotionally and practically, from sharing their respective care experiences and knowledge.