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Most of the items in this Wikidelphia WCS top category are Philadelphia neighborhoods. Exceptions are noted or obvious, for example, if the item you're looking at is obviously the name of a state or foreign country, or if it has a two-letter state abbreviation or the word "County" at the end of it.

Category:Where means "a geographically useful idea for beneficiaries, audience, or customers"

  • This category attempts to answer the question: Where will one have to go to take advantage of this?
  • This category attempts to answer the question: "What is available specifically in my neighborhood?"
  • This category may reference the fact that a service is ONLY available in the named neighborhood(s)
  • This category need not be assigned to pages that reference a Philadelphia-wide service.
  • Services for people specifically located outside Philadelphia should be identified with a "Where" category.
  • The category Where-Philadelphia should be assigned to pages when there is a specific Philadelphia association to a national or international resource. (see discussion)
  • The actual address of the service, company, or organization can usually be found on its Website.
  • Maps associated with a page help to identify the page's service area.

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