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Home Sharing and Collaboration for Single Moms

CoAbode is a nation-wide on line service designed exclusively to connect single moms for house sharing and friendships.

From CoAbode's Founder:

  • Today we have over 70,000 members, thousands of whom are sharing homes together all over the United States.
  • The message from single moms who’ve connected off CoAbode is so heartening.
    • They rejoice in doing half the shopping, half the cooking, half the cleaning, and getting twice the house they could have afforded alone.
    • Recently divorced women tell me how they’ve been able to hold on to the family home by bringing in another single mom to help share the financial burden.
    • And instead of dwelling in a sad and lonely place, they now have a friend to laugh with, a shoulder to cry on when the bad memories creep in.
    • But most inspiring of all is what single moms say they’ve achieved for their children; I hear about warm kitchens full of laughter, two-year-old boys who assume they are brothers, and teenage girls who share the bus to school with new surrogate sisters, knowing that they have so much more to return home to than they ever had before.


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