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Disaster Recovery Library, subtitled "For When the Internet and Grid Are Down", was compiled by John S. James in November 2014. It gives the following descriptive information:

The Internet has crucial emergency information for disaster survival and recovery. But if the Internet and/or the electric grid are out for weeks or months, that online information will be useless. This non-commercial Web page automates the downloading of about 130 documents and web pages that can help with many kinds of emergencies. In minutes you can obtain a free, portable library equivalent to dozens of books -- ready to use for months or years, even in case of a long-term nationwide blackout and no Internet at all.

The same downloaded copy works on Windows, Macintosh, Linux, Chromebook, tablets, smartphones, and other Web devices. You can move this library to a tablet or phone that uses little power, take it anywhere, conceal it if necessary, use it in total darkness or almost any lighting condition, and recharge the battery with a manual or solar charger.

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