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 Everything for Everybody brochure

Philadelphia's Everything For Everybody (EfE or EforE) was an information and referral service located on South Street. It was started and operated (1970 - 1972) by Stan Pokras in partnership with the original Everything For Everybody office in New York City.
    • One way to describe the EfE storefront would be to say that it was a kind of "Craigslist" on three by five cards in 1970. We helped people make connections. Some people we introduced to each other got married. Some found work. Some found housing and new friends.
(linked above) opens thusly: 

If you want something done or want to do something, to hire someone or to find full- or part-time work, to buy or sell something, to find a place to live, in brief, if you want anything ...

For a subscription fee of $15 for six months, $25 for a year, members had unlimited access to a growing community database of needs and offers. This was about a decade before personal computers made it possible for little storefronts like this to computerize.

Everything For Everybody was located at 503 South Street. The concept has provided inspiration for Community Magic, Information Advocacy and Wikidelphia.

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