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http://www.hoursystem.net (NOT IN SERVICE 3/10/18)

hOURS is a “mutual credit” trading system. We use credits of our own creation as a medium of exchange. Thus it’s not really barter, because direct reciprocation between the parties need not be arranged. We call the credits Hours, each referring to the familiar unit of time. It’s like using time as a form of money.

hOURS has been up and running since June, 2001 in the Philadelphia area. In August, 2004, hOURS was established in the Boston area as well. Presently a new enclave is forming in New York.


hOURS is a sort of "People's money". When we buy and sell things we need not use dollars, or yen, or any other national currency. Using money of our own creation takes financial power away from the banking establishment and puts it in our own hands.

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Occupy Philly has been good for hOURS. 1) Many new people have signed up. 2) Occupy Vacant Lots has created an improved climate for urban farming. That’s hopeful because we’ll now have a decent amount of produce to sell to area eateries for Hours - which will make them want to earn Hours by accepting them from customers. Such business involvement is pivotal to making hOURS grow. That’s the plan anyway, but we have yet to interest any places in participating. If you have any wherewithal to help make that happen, please, please do so. Get in touch. 215-551-1490.

So log in and see if any of the new folks offer something you want or vice versa. Also if need be, while you’re signed in, please update your contact info and listings.

I’ll be adding a new feature to the website soon – e-mail notifications. Rather than having to periodically log back in in order to see if there’s that new offer or want you’re dying for, you’ll be able to set it up such that you’ll be e-mailed when it happens. I’ll make this geographically sensitive as well.

One more thing: I’ve made a facebook page for hOURS, hoping it will help with publicity. If you use facebook please ‘like’ and ‘share’ it, so that other people see it and learn of hOURS. http://www.facebook.com/hOURSystem