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How To Navigate

If you are looking for help on how to navigate the WikiDelphia website (look stuff up, browse casually), go here: Help:Navigation.

How To Edit

If you are seeking info on how to edit (make new entries or update existing ones), there's a new, easy procedure to do a regular job of making a proper Wikidelphia entry page! The Step-By-Step Guide to Wikidelphia Editing.

Older Information

Adding A New Page

1. To add a page, first search to see if it already exists by using the search tool. Enter a part of the title of the page. If your page already exists, see if it has the content you'd like to see there. If it doesn't show the text you think ought to be shown, add the appropriate text, or fix what is there.

2. If the page you'd like to work on doesn't exist, type its exact title into the search tool and click "Go."

  • You'll see a message that says, "There were no results matching the query."
  • The next line will have the words you typed in red
  • Click on the red text to start editing the new page you want to create.
  • Finish creating the page by scrolling to the bottom and click "Save Page"
  • Saving the page completes the creation process. If you don't save, the page will not be created.

Simple editing tips
In the search box type "editing" or go to Our editing introduction for simple editing help.

A listing of formatting commands

User's Guide
Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software. In particular see the sections for Readers and Editors.

Advanced help
If you get into real trouble (you probably won't), put a {{help me}} (including the special brackets) at the top of the page and save the page. Fixes are very easy, and an Administrator will eventually figure it out.

If you need more help, contact an Administrator (you can contact me, SteveH for now).

To Manage the Table of Contents (TOC)
To remove the table of contents from a page enter


Put it anywhere on a page. Look closely at the example and you'll see that the "NOTOC" part has two underscore characters before it. After the letters, you can see, there are also two underscores.

For more info about content tables, see: