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This is a Wikidelphia idea page in which Paul Glover proposes a Philadelphia Green Pages:

Our city already has several prominent green networking sources: Grid, Green Jobs Philly, Sustainable Business Network, Academy of Natural Sciences, PHENND,, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Farm to City, Volk Libre, the Food Guide, and more.

Of these, only SBN provides a categorized catalog. Green Jobs Philly has a single page which is not regularly updated. Grid and Green Jobs Philly provide categorized sections issue by issue. GPEN has an alphabetical list of environmental groups.

There is not yet a categorized green catalog which sets specific green standards, allows green businesses and nonprofit organizations to enter current information free into a moderated keyword-sortable list, then welcomes the general public to browse these entries.

The availability of such a service, print and online, would accelerate participation in existing groups and stimulate new initiatives.

Subject Matter

Here’s what I propose:

Print and online (searchable, sortable) directory comprising three prime divisions: For-profit, Non-profit, Government.

Food, Fuel, Housing, Health, Transportation, Education, Clothing, Recycling & Composting, Finance, Water, Air. Each of these would be introduced with a 200-word summary of possibilities.

The list would be moderated to admit local solution-oriented groups and programs inviting specific local action. It would not include mere crisis-oriented bad-news groups and media. It would not include mere general advocacy groups. They must invite participation in distinct actions.

Specifically preferring solutions which:

  • Transfer authority to grassroots groups to lower the costs of living, using environmental technologies.
  • Decrease dependence on fossil fuels and nuclear power.
  • Decrease waste of water and contamination of air.
  • Provide effective alternatives to automobiles.
  • Provide nonprofit holistic health services.
  • Expand regional food self-sufficiency.
  • Expand reliance on regional upcycled materials.
  • Expand local manufacture of durable essential goods.
  • Promote mutual aid.
  • Release local creativity to accomplish the above.
  • Provide backing for community credits and neighborhood currencies.


  • Stimulate action.
  • Cross pollinate.
  • Expand regional capability.
  • Serve as resource for jobseekers, entrepreneurs, organizers, volunteers, interns, funders.

Information Fields

  • Name of group or initiative.
  • Logo.
  • Website.
  • Email(s).
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube channel and other social media.
  • Phone.
  • Contact person 1, contact person 2.
  • Year started.
  • Purpose (1,000 characters).
  • Specific actions public can take.
  • Internships.
  • Staff size.
  • Budget.
  • Tax-deductible?
  • Donate, Paypal.
  • Proposals and new groups forming: (invite people to fill holes where not already listed).

Idea Contact

Paul Glover
(215) 805-8330

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