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In this Wikidelphia personal page, Jay Cohen gives the following descriptive information:

My business name is EcSoTech and I work in collaboration with PhillyParents.org and PARENTPOWER. Both community organizations focused on empowering parents with children in the public school system in Philadelphia.

We use Google Technologies to build applications that address educational, social and economic issues.

EcSoTech includes me and my assistant Gabby. Typically these applications are for non-profits, but I also have private clients. Some examples of applications I've created include:

  • Web-based calendar and class registration system for Parent University in the School District of Philadelphia
  • Web-based classroom grading and reporting system for competency based learning in schools
  • Web-based Frequently Asked Questions system for the School District of Philadelphia
  • Web-based invoicing system for a private client
  • Web-based email registration system for PhillyParents.org

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If you are interested in contacting me. I am best reached by email at jay@weisscohen.org.