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Helen Hale (L) and Maggie Ginestra.

Maggie Ginestra is described by several sources as follows:

Maggie Ginestra, Flight Pattern’s east coast correspondent, is an artist based in Philadelphia, PA, where she lives with collaborator Helen Hale. The Philadelphia Readership is her current experiment in offering and maintaining a platform for engagement. She is eager to communicate.

Ginestra is the curator of Stirrup Pants Chapbooks @ All Along Press and a co-facilitator of Sloup, a monthly soup dinner in Saint Louis that generates arts grants. She has recently had poems in Super Arrow, Forklift Ohio, and Thermos.

After arriving in the city from St. Louis in 2012, Ginestra quickly became an instigating force wearing different hats: artist, poet, collaborator, administrator, curator, and organizer. She was half of the duo that conceived Sumptuary, a creative performance/art series at MINT gallery in 2014. She continues to facilitate the Walthall Fellowship, WonderRoot’s yearlong program for emerging artists, which has her returning to Atlanta on a regular basis.

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