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May First Movement Technology is a non-profit membership organization that engages in building movements by advancing the strategic use and collective control of technology for local struggles, global transformation, and emancipation without borders.


  1. Mumble is the meeting and convergence program used internally for all meetings at May First.
  2. Jitsi-meet is a video and audio meeting software for a limited number of people.]
  3. May First has a dead simple way to broadcast your audio and video to many people:
  4. Jitsi Meet Video Conferencing
Jitsi Meet Documentation


The primary benefit of May First/People Link membership is your access to reliable, state-of-art hosting infrastructure built from the bottom up on free and open source software and maintained based on our statement of political unity. As an activist, mission-based project, our primary concern is not profit, but instead the stability, security, reliability and future of our movement's Internet infrastructure.

Our network consists of about 100 virtual servers in five different geographic locations. Most services are concentrated in two professional colocation centers in New York City.

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