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Niche Waste Reduction & Recycling Systems, Inc. or Niche Recycling, Inc. was previously known as Maurice M. Sampson Associates, sole proprietorship founded in 1988. The company was built on the considerable experience of its founder, Maurice M. Sampson II, one of America’s first urban, municipal recycling coordinators for the Cities of Newark, New Jersey (1982) and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (1985).

Niche Recycling was incorporated in May 1995 in conjunction with a Bar and Tavern Glass Bottle Recycling Pilot Project spearheaded by Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation. Well-received by 50 establishments, the effort generated a baseline of information critical to commercial expansion. Commercialization was not achieved due to an unexpected corporate decision by Anheuser-Busch to divest of its recycling operations nationwide. Subsequent efforts by Niche Recycling to secure start-up financing from other sources were unsuccessful.

Since then, Niche Recycling has completed numerous projects on a city, state and national level. The company has an established record of success that has led to client savings in multiples of initial project investment. Niche Recycling is certified as a minority business enterprise by the City of Philadelphia.

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