Penn Knox Neighborhood Association (PKNA)

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The Penn Knox Neighborhood Association (PKNA) gives the following descriptive information:

Penn Knox is approximately 103.26 acres, 0.161 square miles or 0.418 square km in northwest Philadelphia. Our neighborhood is rich in buildings from the 18th and 19th century and in order to ensure this treasure for the future we are committed to preserving it. Early in the history of our country, Philadelphia was the largest city which brought along with it the difficulties of people living in close proximity to each other especially during the summer when disease was rampant. Germantown was far enough from the city to escape the disease and close enough to be reached by horse and carriage in a day. Some of the lucky city dwellers spent the summer in good health up here with clean air and water. Even George Washington once stayed in PKNA for the summer in a house on Germantown Avenue and School House Lane.

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