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Founded 1964

The Philadelphia Society is a membership organization of scholars, educators, journalists, business and professional leaders, clergy–thoughtful analysts of current trends and public policy--all dedicated to the goal of deepening the intellectual foundations of a free and ordered society and to broadening the general understanding of its basic principles among the public at large.

Founded in 1964, The Philadelphia Society holds regular meetings that explore pressing economic, political, cultural and other issues; provides a forum for some of the most original thinkers of our day; and generates incisive analysis that influences the ongoing debate about our national future and about the future of freedom around the world.

The men and women of the conservative movement who are influential in shaping the direction of events have had their thinking formed in the crucible of The Philadelphia Society. Many of the key issues which have stirred controversy and prompted legislative initiative over the last five decades received their first serious consideration in the programs of The Philadelphia Society. Perhaps more importantly, the Society’s gatherings have served to promote deep reflection on the nature of the free society and shared moral commitment to its realization.

The Philadelphia Society operates on the premise that progress is made by achieving insight and understanding, not by enforcing intellectual conformity.

Notes:  The above descriptive information came from organization's About page. The Philadelphia Society is based in Jerome, Michigan.