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Steve Bagelman, grandson of the founders of Reedmor Books, recently recalled his family history while enjoying a cup of coffee at MilkBoy on an early spring day. "Shelf, after shelf, after shelf, stacks of magazines!" he exclaimed, recalling the estimated two million books and magazines that once donned the shelves and crowded the shop’s basement storage. Besides books, the store was known for its backdated magazines, assortment of novelties, and magic tricks.

Many of the store's patrons assumed the Bagelmans' last name was Reedmor. “People used to call my father Mr. Reedmor” Steve said of his dad, David Bagelman, who was 27 when the store opened and continued to operate the business throughout his life.

Note:  The above descriptive information came from the Hidden City article below.

Editor's Note

I would say that "Reedmor" means "Read More". Read more books! ~PaulSank

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