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RepliCounts calls itself "A New Way to Use Money Online: Financial accounts that can reproduce, inherit services, and evolve". It gives the following descriptive information:

Modern e-commerce makes possible online accounts that reproduce (replicate) when their owner wants them to -- letting the "children" accounts (which are largely clones of the parent, unless changed by their owner) inherit money, settings and other information from the parent. The new accounts are independent of the parent and can reproduce in turn, creating generations and family trees of accounts. Like living creatures these accounts can evolve without central direction -- through everyday community use, as they accumulate successive owners' changes [mutations], and are selected toward greater usefulness to people.

We believe this has never been done before.

The new accounts can inherit settings of any complexity, instantly and effortlessly at birth. Owners get this support from owners of previous generations of accounts, and need to change only what they care about. Their changes will be inherited, too. The result is a new financial infrastructure that can manage complex and highly customized services easily.