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Samuel Reed is one of the facilitators of the

Critical Financial Literacy Part 2- Policy Implications and Action Steps

Description: This is the second Critical Financial Literacy ItAG, and will explore policy implications and action steps to increase financial literacy programs in K-12 classrooms and beyond. Recognizing the racial wealth gap in the US, we seek to support families and youth in understanding the historical and systemic context that created and maintains vast inequity and poverty. Our action will be to develop curriculum and school/community partnerships that provide basic financial literacy skills, and at the same time, challenge educators and youth to consider individual, community, and public policy solutions to help build generational wealth in marginalized communities, and to take active, ethical, and collective steps to close the racial wealth gap.

Facilitators: Daniel La Salle, Nicole Newman, Samuel Reed, III are all past participants and facilitators of financial literacy programs. They are also excited to share resource from the Next Gen Personal Financial program.

Time/Place: 4 sessions- Dates and Locations TBD with participants


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