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Seeds for Action introduces itself with the line, "Helping people help each other", and gives the following descriptive information:

Seeds for Action started just after the [2016] election when a group of like-minded individuals who were connected through the Theatre community saw a need to help others overcome issues that resulted from the outcome of the Presidential election. While we are all connected through our shared community, we each possess skills that have easily translated into the non-theatre world and we want to help others do the same.

We recognize that many people in our community have extraordinary skills that can be useful to other organizations and that we could help provide a connection between the two. A great deal of people who wanted to help were hindered by a number of factors -- including scheduling issues, concerns about working with an organization that is outside of their comfort zone, and the sheer overwhelming amount of need there is for volunteers within in this community. We wanted to help connect these people with organizations that could use their skills, as well as put them in contact with others in this community who could help overcome any fears of going at it alone.

We also want to educate people on issues that need attention, as well as provide an outlet for people to speak


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