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Every property has its own article in the wiki, just as every category has an article.

  • You can see all the properties in use in the wiki with special page Special:Properties
  • Just as category articles are prefixed with Category:, all property articles are prefixed with Property: to distinguish them from other articles.
Property "types" can be set using [[Has type:: as shown in this example:
  • So you can also also use MediaWiki's special page "Search" to find existing properties.
  • As with categories, a property's article can be empty, but it is strongly recommended to add a description that explains the intent of the property and its proper usage.

In-text annotations and property declarations are case-sensitive and therefore adhere certain MediaWiki configuration settings (e.g. configuration parameter $wgCapitalLinks) and if changed arbitrarily may cause content to be rendered invalid or unavailable during query execution.

Silent or Hidden in-text annotation uses an empty pipe |
i.e. a pipe character with a space after it thus:
[[Has population::2,229,621| ]]
[[Located in country::France| ]]



Search for a property: [[p:
Search for a category: [[c:
[[Category:Musical actor]] OR [[Category:Theatre actor]] or more concisely,
[[Category:Musical actor||Theatre actor]]

::[[Category:Is-Business]] ::[[Contact Email::