St. Cyprian Church

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St. Cyprian Church.

St. Cyprian Church is a Roman Catholic Church in West Philadelphia. It has an unusually high number of African-American parishioners, which shouldn't suprise anyone, because as the Inquirer reported, "Black people have been part of what became the Catholic Church since Simon of Cyrene helped Jesus carry the cross toward Calvary."

Also interesting is that the church has additional Mass times for Nigerians and Francophones.

St. Cyprian introduces itself thusly:

"May the grace and peace of our Good and Gracious God be with you!

"Saint Cyprian Roman Catholic Church was founded on January 27, 2013 as a consolidation of several parishes. The history of our community spans more than 125 years! We invite you to be an integral part of our rich future. Our strength as a vibrant parish is dependent upon your support in time, talent, and generosity."

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