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Introduction To Personhood Event

Who gave the Supreme Court the right to create a new class of citizens? You probably know or at lease suspect that there is something wrong in the World today... But, it's not easy to know just what.

CJ's Guidance

Instead of using my "Design Wisdom" event as a model, I would suggest you use my "The Truth in Stories" event as your model (

The key points are a brief and enticing introduction, optional resources (recommended, but not strictly necessary), and two rounds of questions. Then at the end I added detailed notes (that is not necessary). The idea is to keep the recommended resources to a minimum so that more people check them out before the event, but to give extra material for anyone with time and interest to dig deeper. Simpler and shorter is better: it is less intimidating to read.

For "The Truth in Stories" I prepared a video clip of less than 5 minutes to introduce each of the two rounds of questions.

The key to the "formula" we use is to have a very brief introduction (I recommend 5 minutes as the upper bound; a speech or video: either will serve) that leads naturally to the first round of questions. Then a second introduction (either lecture or video) leading to the second round of questions.

NB. I usually invite Hugh to add another less than 5 minutes of introduction. As you know he is very good. And he is the host, so I always invite him to help introduce the topic.

The key to success is good questions since our events involve group discussion. If the questions require too much knowledge, folks have trouble getting traction. So the video or lecture is crucial: it must provide all the information needed for a substantial discussion in 5 minutes or less. If the questions are too rambling or unfocused, the conversation will not converge on meaningful insights.

But to get good questions, it is equally important for the introduction to prepare everyone to explore the questions.

I can help with refining the questions. But it's your topic, so you need to scope out the themes you want to explore and draft something that we can discuss.

Unfortunately, before we can choose a date, I will need to get the event approved by my fellow co-organizers and by the Leader at the Ethical Society (Hugh Tafl-Morales). Then Hugh will pick an available date. I expect it will get approved, but a draft event description (which could still be improved more later) will go a long way to making everyone satisfied that reserving the room and providing refreshments is worth it.

So we should focus on drafting the event description.

On Mon, Jan 13, 2020 at 11:45:35PM -0500, wrote: Dear CJ,

I appreciate your help in preparing a description/invitation for an event at the Ethical Society that I hope will be sponsored by the MeetUp you help to lead known as the "Greater Philadelphia Thinking Society".