Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy Conference (December 2016)

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This Wikidelphia conference page gathers information from the Visioning and Creating a Moral Economy conference of December 2016. The conference took place at Pendle Hill, the Quaker conference and retreat center. It gives the following descriptive information:

Now more than ever, progressive people of faith are called to continue the work of building the Beloved Community. We face increased corporate power on a global scale, precarious Wall Street financial meltdowns, widening wealth and income inequality, the criminalization of poverty, the scorching of our planet, resource wars, and other threats to the common good and true democracy.

The well-being of our species and the health of the natural world depend on our participating in the Great Transition away from an extraction/domination economy based on perpetual growth and towards a sustainable political economy focused on ensuring that basic human needs are met.

A Conference Roundup Writing Group

There is now an email list for discussion and follow up. You can use this link to join the Moral$ discussion...$

This Wikidelphia page and its associated pages offers the opportunity for conference participants (and others who may have thoughts to offer) to summarize, continue, and further extend the Visioning initiated during the conference.

This page will become an index to the various work of the participants to this conference follow-up roundup.

One idea is to build a model of "The Economy." to that extent, I'll be looking for information that describes the various parts of the economy.

Google Searches

  • Diagram of the economy
  • Model of economy
  • Model of the Economy

Moral Elements (incomplete list, not ordered - ranking to be discussed)

  • Consumer Safeguards
  • Mechanism to prevent recessions
  • Steady, dependable business climate
  • Steady, dependable job opportunities
  • Growth focused on sustainability
  • Living wages
  • Safe, affordable housing for all
  • Equal pay for equal work
  • Nondiscrimination standards
  • Free, quality public education not tied to geography


Banks and Money

Federal Reserve