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Participants 2/26/20

  • Yvonne Hughes
  • Grace Muable – Bethel Mission Coordinator - godishope1@gmail.com – looking for help to connect the church to the community
  • Christina Johnson – chrissydorph@yahoo.com – 267-349-1042 – Help to build a better community
  • Carmen Gist – Temple Presbyterian Church – 267-968-6348 – I am here to find out about resources from the people I meet with & take the info back to the church.
  • Brenda L. Tucker-Boykins – phltucker2@ad.com ??? – Why am I here? I am a member of Bethel Church and I am interested in what is going on in our community. And how Bethel can be a part of that.
  • Richard Napper – It's Not Your Fault 215-9083616 richard.napper74@gmail.com cause I like helping people
  • Denise Jackson – It's Not Your Fault Nonprofit Organization – dm19121@yahoo.com – I am here because I desire to be proactive in my community - encouraging people to improve neighborhood through education resource referails awareness of needs, and benefits.
  • Ronald Clark – Marketing Representative, Patriot Home Care – rclark@patroit-hc.com – 484-587-5426 – Connecting our services with the communities.


Possible Items


Let's Gather Ideas!!!
If we are going to try to help match people seeking with people offering home sharing:

  1. What do we need to know about a person seeking a home sharing opportunity?
  2. What do we need to know about a person interested in sharing their home?
  3. How could we share the information about people's offers and needs with each other in confidence, knowing that this information may be sensitive?