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Relationships Matter

Background and History In April 2019, a group of people deeply involved in the North Philadelphia community were brought together to identify ways to improve its overall health.  Over the next several months, the group invited others to join them in establishing connections for mutual assistance.  During this process, a common theme emerged: there are many grassroots organizations in the community; however, they are often unaware of each other’s work and sometimes unwilling to collaborate with others for various reasons.  Upon reflection, it was observed that despite these organizations being comprised of people who have the most solid and healthy relationships within the community, they struggle to survive, competing with each other and bigger more established agencies for scarce funding.  As a result of this organizing and observing, the group named this initiative Community Connections, and made the following declarations:

Ø We are tired of so much talking without action backed by resources. Ø We need to heal the hurt caused in the community by those who make promises but do not facilitate progress based on community needs and lessons learned from the community. Ø We will eagerly work with those whose actions demonstrate they really care for the community; we will pray for peace and blessings upon those whose vanity and greed betray their motives.

  • It is in this spirit of collective work and responsibility that the Community Connections Collaborative has been formed, pressing forward to promote the message: Relationships Matter, while helping build assets and bringing knowledge to facilitate more effective collaboration and community action.

Our Mission is to facilitate connections and collaboration within the community between individuals, groups and service providers to improve community health.

Our Vision: a thriving community of information advocates and social service providers increasing access to knowledge, resources and tools that overcome barriers to collaboration and sharing the commons.

Our Goals:

1. formalize a network of stakeholders whose leadership, resourcefulness, and commitment to the people is evident in their community work and/or professional occupation. 
Strategy: Identify, catalog, equip, and work.
2. facilitate access to and expansion of community resources where needed to increase positive factors regarding social determinants of health.
Strategy: Inform and motivate people to connect and engage with available community resources.


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