Discovery & Action Dialogue (DAD)

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Discover, spark & unleash local solutions to chronic problems

DADs make it possible for people in a group, unit, or community to discover by themselves Positive Deviant (PD) behaviors and practices.

    • Editor's Note: The groups who engage in DAD may benefit greatly from understanding the Positive Deviant concept. Handouts, as a minimum form of preperation may be appropriate.
  • In groups of 5–15 people, ask these questions:
    1. How do you know when problem X is present?
    2. How do you contribute effectively to solving problem X?
    3. What prevents you from doing this or taking these actions all the time?
    4. Do you know anybody who is able to frequently solve problem X and overcome barriers? What behaviors or practices made their success possible?
    5. Do you have any ideas?
    6. What needs to be done to make it happen? Any volunteers?
    7. Who else needs to be involved?


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