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We can't make people be helpful, instead we can let people be helpful. And we can build tools that encourage helpfulness just by the fact that they are available.

The idea of Stewardship links here. "Choosing Service Over Self-interest." -- Peter Block (from his book titled "Stewardship.")

Redirect A page to a Category

#REDIRECT [[:Category:Glossary]]

Philadelphia Neighborhoods

This text is holding a place for local Wikidelphia text on neighborhoods Philadelphia Neighborhoods link

Classification System (experimental)


see Categories


Use of Underscore In Category Names

The current Visual Editor offers a handy tool to add or remove categories from a page. It is no longer necessary to use underscores in category names.

External links relevant to Philadelphia neighborhoods
(This page has an exceptionally complete list of neighborhood names both old and current. Scroll to the bottom of the page to see the links to place names.)

Philadelphia Newspapers

Philadelphia Jobs Civic Jobs Philadelphia

Stan's Introduction

Hi Stan! -- Your Introduction is up on a page! Go to the Main Page to find a link to it! Shollingsworth 13:17, 14 January 2011 (PST)

Hi Stan! Good to see you editing! I just finished (for now) my article on simple editing. Shollingsworth 15:13, 14 January 2011 (PST)

Something I'd like to start on immediately

I have a request I'd like to start with - a "data" one as opposed to anything at all controversial. I'd like to make a list of - literally - every NPO in Philadelphia (and later the surrounding areas) and then invite each one to contribute to a page on itself.

Is this something I have to ask the Content or Publicity sub-groups' permission to do? Maybe have Publicity send out the e-mails once I get the list built? Shollingsworth 11:56, 15 January 2011 (PST)

Ben's page

Ben G. is now at User talk:BenGreenberg. Shollingsworth 14:20, 15 January 2011 (PST)

Our first template

I made a template and tested it - test successful. Now putting {{help me}} in an article {preferably at the top) will cause that article to be listed in for administrators to respond to. I'll leave an article with a {{help me}} in it as an example. Shollingsworth 18:05, 15 January 2011 (PST)

List all templates

List all templates

Command to Open and edit the sidebar

Open Sidebar

Holding places

Hi Stan -- Let me show you a new trick.

You can make "holding places" for articles you're working on by typing in user:Stan/filename and choosing to Edit it.

I created User:Stan/holding for you. You can have any number of these "holding places" of any legitimate name.

By the way - it was pretty bright of you to pick up on my <nowiki> trick!
Another thing you can do is to leave "hidden" notes in an article by typing <!-- text --> as here Shollingsworth 00:08, 16 January 2011 (PST)
Another useful tool is the "Redirect". Make a new page of any name (try using Xyz) and on that page type in #REDIRECT [[Block captain]] and save it. Then type in Xyz in the Search box. You'll be jumped to Block captain. Now type in NTR into the Search box. Shollingsworth 00:13, 16 January 2011 (PST)

Indented Paragraphs

Use Colons to indent paragraphs...

The new text editor

Hi Stan,

The new text editor is pretty cool!

By the way - there's a "wikitext" button in the upper left corner so that we can switch back and forth between WYSIWYG and Wikitext views -- all our old tricks still work.

In particular, I can still enter {{help me}} and get a message in Category:Help me  SteveH 18:18, 16 January 2011 (EST)

Editing In Mediawiki

Help Editing

The Non-Breaking Space

There is also a template {{NBS}} That will insert a non-breaking space. I use this to put a non-breaking space in front of the URL at the top of most pages. Stan (talk) 22:04, 12 February 2020 (EST) The Non-Breaking Space can be used to create space but prevent word wrap from starting a new paragraph. It also has other uses. For one, it can prevent the edit mode from forcing the popup editor on URL's added on the first line of a page. Here's the text that makes a non-breaking space ampersand nbsp semicolon  

Two new articles are up today, third and possibly more to come

Hi Stan,

I put in the Help Me description under Help - good call!

I just added two pages that a friend sent in. Lisa is writing her page. I've asked two other people to see what they can do. I'm aiming to have a wide variety of things for the Content sub-group to look over and discuss.

This is work, but if we can get really launched next week it will all have been worth it. SteveH 12:12, 23 January 2011 (EST)

How can I hide the table of contents?

The table of contents (TOC) is automatically shown once there are four or more headings in the article. There are multiple ways to hide it.

For one page Place the magic word __NOTOC__ in the page's wikitext. For all pages Install Extension:NoTOC or Add the following rule to MediaWiki:Common.css: .toc, #toc { display: none; }

People to recontact:

Jessa Lingel (Prof at Penn) Chelsea Reed

Contact "Food Connect" about their experience with liability issues. They may have some ideas for a Home Sharing network.

Lamont Twyne on Linkedin

About Hidden Categories

This category lists the pages where the Magic Word __HIDDENCAT__ has been added to the category's page.

So far the only category that has this Magic Word is Is-Page Needing Work

Sidebar Navigation Search Tools MediaWiki:Sidebar

HTML for Hidden Text

2. Insert the following code immediately before each HTML block that you want to hide: <!--

3. Insert the following code immediately after each HTML block that you want to hide: -->

Example: <!--This text will be hidden-->

Redirect a Category

To redirect to a category page and prevent the redirect appearing in this category, precede the word "Category" with a colon, otherwise the redirect page will also be categorized to the category itself:
#REDIRECT [[:Category:Glossary]]


Insert {{W}} on a page and the hidden category, Category:Is-Page Needing Work will be added to that page

Substitution vs Transclusion

In order to permanently add text to a page (ie a list of categories) use the form {{subst:template name}}. This can be handy to implement Paul's suggestion that we make "Standard" category lists for certain types of entries that might benefit from having a "quick-reference checklist. By using {{subst:template name}} to add a set of categories the template command {{subst:template name}} disappears leaving only the categories which can be separately deleted, as appropriate. This is different than applying a template using {{Template name}} because when a template call that is included in a page is removed, all of the text added by the template is also deleted. Using substition, instead of transclusion makes it possible to quickly add a whole list of categories to a page. That list can then be edited to conform with the actual needs of the page. See How substitution works

How to find templates etc)

Goto Special Pages; List of Pages; All Pages; Select appropriate namespace; click go

Category Search

Stop Words

These are words that cannot be found in Search.

This limitation has been overcome for most of the words in the stop list as of February 2020.

Rename Categories & Global Replace Text

Editing Semantic Mediawiki

Help Editing

<!--* [[contact]] This is a semantic mediawiki notation for use in the near future -->

The above line creates an hidden field called Contact Email in a page.

See Also Category

Use the Internal Link Tool in Edit Source and include a colon (see example)
Example: '''See Also [[:Category:Serves_Teens]]'''

Category:Is-Designed By ???

This category would allow for tagging websites with their designer's name. This would be a similar process to Category:Is-Member Of and will allow designers to show lists of their creations.